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"I emailed Kristi about four weeks out from my first show. I was nervous and unsure about tanning, suits, posing and all the prep. that goes along with competing.

From the first correspondence via email to follow-up after the show she was terrific. She definately walks the walk and was an invaluable resource for me! I placed first in my show and could not have entered with the confidence I did if not for Kristi. I not only met a great trainer but also feel I made a friend." - Angela Larsen

"WOW! Talk about one stop shopping-Kristi provides it all.
After working out on my own for many years I wanted to take my body and my workouts to a new level, so I began contemplating competing in a figure competition. I knew I had a lot of learning and hard work ahead of me. I wanted someone that I knew could take this 43 year old body to places it had never been before in a very short time-less than 3 months.

Kristi is a training professional, nutrition and supplement guru, fashion diva, make-up artist, tanning expert, posing queen and to top it all off-a wonderful caring person. I really enjoyed working with Kristi. I will miss her as I go on my own and keep incorporating everything I learned as I continue to move forward with my new set of fitness goals. Thank you Kristi for everything!" -Shelly Gray

What are Figure Competitions? The sport is held with fitness and bodybuilding shows and is based upon your physique. The goal of a figure competitor is to look very muscular, athletic, and symmetrical without losing femininity or having too low of body fat. You are not to be as lean as a female body builder or as overdeveloped as one either. In my opinion, it reminds me of how female bodybuilders used to look in the 1960’s before steroids became widely used by female bodybuilders.

My decision to compete in Figure Competitions was based on my love of weight training. I also wanted another way to challenge myself. I wanted something to show for all my hard work in the gym. I was very honored and excited when I won my first two shows:

1st place tall and overall in the NPC Nebraska State and Midwest Bodybuilding Extravaganza. October 2004
2nd place tall division in the Las Vegas Figure Classic. November 2004
My babies: Elizabeth, Anna, and Matthew
Competing in Las Vegas

Backstage during the Las Vegas Classic

Meeting Monica Brant-Peckham backstage was as exciting as doing the show!

Currently, I am in my “off-season.” I so badly want to continue competing since I am qualified for Nationals. However, I am taking some time off to focus on family and to work on my muscle mass. In the meantime, I am enjoying training other women who compete in Figure Competitions. I am very proud of the women I have trained. They have all done so well!

If you are interested in competing and need help preparing for a show, please contact me! There is so much involved in preparing for a show! There is definitely an art to this type of competing!


"Kristi helped me tremedously when I was having trouble putting on size and mass. Not only did she push my body to limits I didnt know I had, but she changed my lifting routine, added more weight, had me doing lifts I didnt even know were out there, and best yet created a whole new nutrition plan for me! Not only did I notice great change in my bodies physique, but I was lifting more weight than I ever have before because of these slight changes she made for me. Another thing I liked about her training, was the fact it was always intense, strict, and to the point. There was no time for slacking off, small talk, or excessive rest between sets, it was STRAIGHT LIFTING! If you listen to her and do as she says, you'll see results!" - Calen Schmidt

Working out with Calen Working out with Calen



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