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"Kristi exceeded my expectations and helped me exceed mine. I couldn’t be more pleased!"
- Bill Naidenovich

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More from Bill Naidenovich.....

"I lost 50 lbs two years ago on the Weight Watchers program and have been able to maintain my weight through diet and exercise. And although I was slim and feeling good, I was actually skinny. Not a good look for a single guy!

"I found Kristi and she immediately asked me to define my personal training objectives which were to tone my muscles without adding body weight or significant size. I didn't want to buy all new clothes - again - and I didn't want to lose the control of my weight maintenance program. She determined that I could convert body fat into lean muscle mass and meet all these objectives.

"I also have bi-lateral Osteoarthritis of the hips, which presented some other challenges. My hip flexibility is limited and my doctor says that I will need to have both hips replaced eventually. My other objective was to increase my hip flexibility and do everything I could to delay the inevitable.

"Kristi had me immediately see a physical therapist to examine my hips and develop a base line to determine what I could do and not do, and what kind of training program would help my hips the most. The physical therapist determined with the right kind of stretching, hydration, and muscle development, I might be able to completely eliminate my need for hip replacement. This was great news!

"Kristi then developed a personalized training program built around my objectives and my limitations. She also taught me how to properly use all the gym equipment, the benefits of free weights over machines, and the importance of proper form and training methodology. I also learned that I had muscles I never knew I had!

"Kristi also helped me learn better nutrition and what to eat before and immediately after a workout. I've always been a healthy eater, but didn't realize the importance of a post workout meal and the benefits of protein and complex carbohydrates.

"After six months of working out with Kristi, the change in my muscle tone and muscle definition is remarkable. People at the gym, at work, and all my family and my friends have noticed. I have not gained any weight nor added size that would necessitate buying new clothes. It fact, my clothes fit better than ever.and I look better than ever. Skinny no more!

"Additional side benefits include greater strength and stamina for all the activities I enjoy - hiking, biking, running, swimming and ice-skating. And best of all, my doctor thinks I may now be able to completely eliminate the need for hip surgery.

"Kristi is a professional with extensive training, personal experience, and expertise in personal training and nutrition. She is also extremely client centered which means you'll get a personalized program designed to help you achieve your goals and objectives at a pace that is most comfortable for you. It sure worked for me!"

Bill Naidenovich


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