Calorie Intake Calculator
Below is a quick calculator to help you determine the amount of calories a person can take in on a daily basis and still be losing weight. It is based on an article by Tanya Zilberter on it's only a rough estimate and really only works if your weight is stable. Remember also that diet alone does not make a person healthy, you have to exercise too!

Ideal Weight
Height ft  in
Allowable Calorie Intake per day
This is merely an estimate of calories needed on a daily basis to still be losing weight. It does not include the calories expended with exercise or daily activities


Body Fat Rating Scale
Many people desire a "rating system" for assessing their current level of body fat. The following table provides a meaningful rating system.

Male Body Fat Table
19-24 <6% 10.8% 14.9% 19.0% 23.3% >23.3%
25-29   12.8% 16.5% 20.3% 24.4%  
30-34   14.5% 18.0% 21.5% 25.2%  
35-39   16.1% 19.4% 22.6% 26.1%  
40-44   17.5% 20.5% 23.6% 26.9%  
45-49   18.6% 21.5% 24.5% 27.6%  
50-54   19.8% 22.7% 25.6% 28.7%  
55-59   20.2% 23.2% 26.2% 29.3%  
60+   20.3% 23.5% 26.7% 29.8%  

Female Body Fat Table
19-24 <9% 18.9% 22.1% 25.0% 29.6% >29.6%
25-29   18.9% 22.0% 25.4% 29.8%  
30-34   19.7% 22.7% 26.4% 30.5%  
35-39   21.0% 24.0% 27.7% 31.5%  
40-44   22.6% 25.6% 29.3% 32.8%  
45-49   24.3% 27.3% 30.9% 34.1%  
50-54   26.6% 29.7% 33.1% 36.2%  
55-59   27.4% 30.7% 34.0% 37.3%  
60+   27.6% 31.0% 34.4% 38.0%  

"Kristi, My cholesterol level is 118!!
I lost another 2 lbs over Christmas...
Also, I turned 42 on New Year's Eve
but I have never looked better,
thanks to you!" - Colleen


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"Dear Kristi, I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU, SO MUCH!!! Most of my life I have been in pretty good shape. I am 39 years old. I am 5'6" tall. In January I was 163 lbs. By May I weighed 130 pounds!!!
This past weekend I placed 4th in one of the biggest figure contests in the Midwest. I could not have done it without your help. You are such and inspiration.
Forever indebted,yours truly, figure contestant,"
- Lisa Matthews

There are so many tips I would like to share with you. But I can't be sure what you want to know, so I've put together a list of Questions & Answers for you on this page. I hope this will be of help. If you need more info be sure to email me!

Be sure to check out the Calorie Intake Calculator and Body Fat Rating Scale tables below on the right side!

Questions & Answers
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“I’ve tried to get myself in shape, but it always seems like I never reach my goals. Why is that?"

Answer: Most people who decide they want a trainer are at a point where they need to make a change in their life, but they need a little help with the follow through. They would like to change their health, fitness level, and appearance. That is why I encourage my clients to commit to the “Goal Achievement Plan.” This plan was designed specifically for those wanting to make serious changes in their overall health and appearance. You don’t become overweight or unhealthy overnight, so why would you think you can get it back overnight.

This three month commitment allows you to learn the proper workouts for you and to be comfortable and confident with your training program. One of the biggest barriers to a fitness change is inconsistency. When you repeat a desired behavior enough times it will become second nature. People are too quick to drop out because the goal seems unobtainable, they get frustrated, or they simple don’t know how to get there. That’s why having a quality trainer will get you to your goal!

You should choose a trainer that is knowledgeable, supportive, and someone that you are comfortable with learning from. Choose someone that you believe in and can trust that they will get you there. Choose someone that has proven results!


“Why would I use a one-on-one personal trainer? Why not just work out on my own?”

Answer: Coming Soon!


“I love to workout, but I’m not satisfied with my results… what am I missing?"

Answer: One of the biggest obstacles for people trying to lose weight is their diet. You can exercise till the cows come home, but if your diet is junk, you won’t get the results you really want! A perfect example; look at everyone at the gym. How many of the regulars have a perfect body? I would speculate that half of the people you see at the gym that are exercising on a regular basis are overweight. But, you see them there every night just sweating up a storm on the treadmill. So, why do they consistently stay overweight? It’s their diet. Many of them think they are eating the right foods too. Usually these people just need some education and support. For example, I get many people coming to me asking me whether or not to eat carb’s. Crazy. Every day another fad diet fills your head with false information! A sound, nutritious diet most definitely consists of carbohydrates. You can’t exercise and perform well without them.


“I’m interesting in fitness competitions, can a personal trainer really help me?”

Answer: I like helping others go through the experience of training for and competing in fitness competitions. There is so much to know, from diet, exercise, suits, posing, tanning and packing for the trip. Living here in the Midwest there are not a lot of shows around here, but you can compete locally. My first competition was here in Nebraska, but my next show was in Las Vegas. It was a big jump in levels of competition, one that I wish I had had an experienced trainer for when I was preparing to compete.

Many of the women I have trained compete in the NANBF. However, I have helped NPC competitors. I have trained competitors that are personal trainers too. The range of clients is very diverse.

There is so much to know and learn when preparing for a show. You need to plan you diet, know when you need to lean out and when your doing too much cardio. You have to be concerned about your appearance, and presentation. You can be in excellent shape, but if you can’t present it, you won’t win. I would see many girls place or win that didn’t necessarily have the best physique but were able to present them selves the best. I love competing. There is a lot of personal satisfaction in giving something your all and going for it!


“My schedule is so hectic and rarely allows me to workout at a consistent time, does this eliminate me using a personal trainer?”

Answer: Coming Soon!


“I know people that eat right and workout just like me, but they seem to be able to lose the weight so much faster than I can... am I just cursed with a low metabolism?”

Answer: Coming Soon!










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